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Gustave Bertrand

(1896–1976) A military worker of the French intelligence agency. By 1930 he worked in the radio intelligence service. Then, a head of the D section dealing with science, technology and decryption. A participant of the Polish-French-British conference in Pyry near Warsaw during which Poles informed about regular breaking of codes of the German cipher machine Enigma. During the 2nd World War a commander of cryptology centres in France under the code names Bruno and Cadix. After the war in 1950 he retired from the military service and in 1973 disclosed in the book “"Enigma ou la plus grande énigme de la guerre 1939–1945” the secret on cracking of the Enigma’s ciphers. The book provoked a storm and worldwide discussion on contribution of particular allied countries to the decryption of the Enigma.


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