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Maksymilian Ciężki

(24 November 1898 – 9 November 1951) He was a co-author of scouting in Szamotuły, a commander of an insurrectionary unit which freed, among others, his home town Szamotuły. He participated in the Polish-Soviet War (1920) as a member of a special monitor and radiolocation group. Thanks to his experience as a cryptologist and radio operator Ciężki together with another resident of Wielkopolska, an engineer Antoni Palluth, were assigned to a unit of the Polish intelligence service dealing with decryption of German codes and ciphers. It was Maksymilian Ciężki that was the main organiser of a team comprising excellent Polish mathematicians whose contribution to victory of the Allies during the 2nd World War is recognised only today through unveiling of monuments, printing of publications, lectures, press conferences and historical exhibitions being opened. The Colonel Maksymilian Ciężki died in poverty in 1951 in the Great Britain.


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