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Enigma in the Military University of Technology

“Enigma – Decipher Victory” exhibition was one of the main events of the international science conference devoted to the future of military cryptology. The event was prepared by the Military University of Technology under the honorary patronage of the Minister of National Defense. It was organized on 7 November 2012 in order to commemorate the 80th anniversary of breaking the system of codes of the German encrypting machine, Enigma, by Polish cryptologists.

The Polish edition of the exhibition, devoted to the history of famous mathematicians and their achievements, was presented to the conference participants under the symbol of the capital letter E. The visitors to the exhibition could get to know the contemporary cryptology dating back to the First World War and the main characters who took part in the cryptographic war which took place during the Second World War.

The choice to organize the conference at the Military University of Technology was not accidental. MUT is one of the best Polish technology universities (it was announced the 8th technology university in the Perspektywy University Ranking 2012 prepared by the Perspektywy educational magazine) which has a long tradition in the field of cryptology. There is the first Polish Center of Excellence in Cryptology with a Cryptographic Research Facility supplied with all the modern equipment to create and break algorithms and research cryptographic appliances.

The conference was attended by cryptologists from Poland and abroad, people who take the advantage of the newest cryptographic achievements, as well as manufacturers of security systems and cryptology students.

The event was graced with the presence of foreign guests – famous cryptologists who are world experts in this field of study:
Dr Nicolas Courtous, University College, Computer Science, UK,
Dr Orr Dunkelman, University of Haifa, Computer Science Department, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel,
Dr Mare Stevens, Dutch Research Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science Wiskunde & Informatica, Netherlands.