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Alastair Denniston

(1 December 1881 – 1 January 1961) A British cryptologist who worked during the 1st World War in the well-known “Room 40” dealing with breaking of German military ciphers. Before the 1st World War he studied at the University in Bonn and Paris. After the end of the war, he re-organised the headquarters of the British radio intelligence service GC&CS. Just before the 2nd World War Alastair Denniston presided over British delegation who arrived at the conference in Pyry near Warsaw. At the conference Polish mathematicians disclosed to their French and British colleagues the secret of breaking ciphers of the Enigma. After the outbreak of the 2nd World War, the Commander together with his team moved to the Bletchley Park. In 1942 he left the BP and 3 years later retired.


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