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Marian Rejewski

(16 August 1905 – 13 February 1980) A chief Polish cryptologist who played a key role in the first attack on ciphers of the Enigma and in December 1932 achieved breakthrough success. In 1929 he graduated from the Poznań University at the Faculty of Mathematics and Life Sciences. Marian Rejewski participated in the cryptology course organised for students in Poznań by Maksymilian Ciężki and Gwido Langer. After the outbreak of the 2nd World War, he scored successes, regularly breaking new protections of German military ciphers. After evacuation, he worked in the Bruno centre near Paris and later in Cadix – unoccupied by the Germans part of France. When the whole France was seized by Nazi forces, Marian Rejewski escaped through Spain and Portugal to the Great Britain where he took up a job in the Polish Armed Forces. After the war, he returned to Poland where he was persecuted and invigilated by the communist authorities. It was not until the 70s of the previous century that he revealed his contribution to the cracking of the Enigma’s ciphers, as a result of publications issued in the West.


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